Conversion Bases
Overly Hautz transition fixtures adapt NEMA "rerated" motor frame sizes to existing mountings.
Continuing improvement in insulation and winding materials has allowed the motor industry to progressively pack more horsepower into smaller frames. Adapt-O-Mounts form a comprehensive line of transition base fixtures that match these new, smaller rerated motors to older mountings - simply, easily and inexpensively. They are specifically designed to position the axial center lines and ends of the shaft extension identically with those of the original motor.

For wall or ceiling mount applications, please contact us.

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Original Frame to T Frame (NEMA Frame Sizes 203-284)
Original Frame to T Frame (NEMA Frame Sizes 324-445)
Original Frame to U Frame (NEMA Frame Sizes 66-365S)
U Frame to T Frame (NEMA Frame Sizes 182-365U)
U Frame to T Frame (NEMA Frame Sizes 404U-445US)
Adapt O Mounts
  Adapter Drawing