Adjustable Motor Rail Styles
Standard Rails - Style 1
Features fabricated structural steel construction in a strong, durable rail with push-pull adjustment. Individual foot pads provide under-rail clearance, accommodate span mounting and are often more adaptable to uneven surfaces.

Standard Rails, Style 1 (NEMA Frame Sizes 440AC-680AC)

Standard Rails - Style 2
Features "Z" bar construction, pioneered by Overly Hautz, to provide inherent rigidity at moderate cost. They also incorporate push-pull adjustment and are ideally suited for most flat surface applications.

Standard Rails, Style 2 (NEMA Frame Sizes 440AC-680AC)

Standard rails are recommended for motors between 150 HP @ 1800 RPM and 250 HP @ 1800 RPM on non-severe applications.
See Motor Mount Selection Chart
Adjustable motorrails
Heavy Duty Rails
Recommended for motors ranging from 250HP up to 500HP.

Heavy Duty Rails (NEMA Frame Sizes 440, 500, 5000, 580, 680, 6800 Series)

Heavy duty rails are recommended for motors 250 HP
@ 1800 up to 500 HP @ 1800RPM or on severe applications.
See Motor Mount Selection Chart
Heavy Duty Rails
Structural Steel Rails
Recommended for motors greater than 500HP.

Heavy Duty Structural Rails (NEMA Frame Sizes 500, 580, & 680 Series)

See Motor Mount Selection Chart
Rails meet dimensions specified by NEMA for standard motor frames of the 250 series up through the 680 series. Adjustable Rails are available in lengths from 1 to 8 feet for motors ranging from under 10 to over 1000 horsepower. Each installation of adjustable rails normally requires two rails.