Heavy Duty Bases and Rails
Heavy Duty Bases
Overly Hautz Style C2HD motor bases feature reinforced construction for Heavy Duty applications utilizing motors from smaller to over 200 horsepower. They incorporate special gussets and cross braces together with heavier materials which provide superior strength characteristics necessary to handle motors in the 3000 to 7000 pound weight class.

Style A2HD (NEMA Frame Sizes 182-215, Double Adjusting)
Style C2HD (NEMA Frame Sizes 254-449, Double Adjusting)

Heavy Duty Bases or standard rails are recommended
for motors between 150 HP @ 1800 RPM and 250 HP @ 1800 RPM
on non-severe applications.
See Motor Mount Selection Chart
Style C2HD motorbase
Heavy Duty Rails
Recommended for motors ranging from 250HP up to 500HP. Heavy duty rails are fabricated with 1/2" steel.

Heavy Duty Rails (NEMA Frame Sizes 440, 500, 5000, 580, 680, 6800 Series)

Heavy duty rails are recommended for motors 250 HP
@ 1800 up to 500 HP @ 1800RPM or on severe applications.
See Motor Mount Selection Chart
Heavy Duty Rail 
Structural Steel Rails
Recommended for motors greater than 500HP.

Heavy Duty Structural Rails (NEMA Frame Sizes 500, 580, & 680 Series)
Automatic Motor Base - Heavy Duty
For motors with fixed diameter pulleys of four inches or more. Use this series anywhere heavy shock loads and/or vibration is generated, for example: rock crushers, foundry shake-outs, compressors, vibrating screens, and similar equipment. Available in NEMA frame sizes 213 thru 447 and horsepower ratings up to 500.

Automatic Motor Base, Style DD-1100 (NEMA Frame Sizes 213-447, Spring Loaded, Reactive)
DD1100 Series Automatic Motor Base