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Automatic Motor Bases are ideal for problem applications including: rock crushers, shake-outs, and vibrating screens, and fans.

• Extends the life of belts and motor bearings by 3 to 5 times
• Increases energy efficiency
• Maintains optimal belt tension for peak performance
• Quick, easy and less frequent belt adjustments
• Reduces the time invested in routine maintenance
• Spring controlled tension eases the burden on belts and bearings
• Allows for dynamic belt tensioning during operation.


These bases are ideal for most applications including remote sites. The space saving pancake design is spring loaded to virtually eliminate maintenance. Belt tension is automatically adjusted while operating under any load, constant or variable. Operates in any position, clockwise or counter clockwise, and maintains rated speeds while increasing belt and bearing life.
Automatic Styles
600 Series
For use with motors having a fixed diameter pulley and NEMA frame sizes of 48 thru 286. The 600 automatically compensates for variations in load, expansion of belts due to centrifugal force and normal belt stretch.

Automatic Motor Base, Style 600 (NEMA Frame Sizes 48-286, Spring Loaded, Reactive)
600 series Automatic
DX-900 Series
Gives excellent performance for applications where pumps, fans, blowers and similar equipment are involved. For motors having fixed diameter pulleys of seven inches or more. Includes NEMA frame sizes 325 thru 447 and horsepower ratings of up to 200.

Automatic Motor Base, Style DX-900 (NEMA Frame Sizes 324-447, Spring Loaded, Reactive)
DX900 Series Automatic Motor Base
DD-1100 Series
For motors with fixed diameter pulleys of four inches or more. Use this series anywhere heavy shock loads and/or vibration is generated, for example: rock crushers, foundry shake-outs, compressors, vibrating screens, and similar equipment. Available in NEMA frame sizes 213 thru 447 and horsepower ratings up to 500.

Automatic Motor Base, Style DD-1100
(NEMA Frame Sizes 213-447, Spring Loaded, Reactive)
DD1100 Series Automatic Motor Base
700 Series
Used with motors equipped with springs loaded variable-pitch pulleys and NEMA frame sizes 56 thru 326. The 700 series is designed to quickly and easily move the motor, during operation, to increase or decrease the center distance between pulleys.

Automatic Motor Base, Style 700
(NEMA Frame Sizes 56-326, Fixed)
700 Series Automatic Motor Base