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If you build, use or maintain electrically powered machinery, you are likely to encounter a variety of motor mounting systems. Every electric motor requires one. It may be simple or complex, fixed or adjustable, small, medium or very large.

At Overly Hautz Motor Base Company, these systems are our specialty and our only business mission. We pioneered the concept of fabricated motor bases and rails over 75 years ago. The results were outstanding weight reduction and cost savings, together with far greater design flexibility and greater reliability. Overly Hautz now has the world's most complete line of motor mounting products. These include hundreds of Automatic and standard bases and rail styles covering NEMA and metric (IEC) motor frame sizes and many others above NEMA.

As industry leaders in motor mounting systems, we design and manufacture "Adapt-O-Mount™" transition mountings and "Sugar Scoop™" motor supports, together with special and custom designs for virtually every type of motor mounting application. Each system embodies innovative design and quality manufacturing which are traditional with Overly Hautz.

Today we stand ready to meet your requirements with standard styles (which are stocked), special versions or custom designs to solve a specific motor mounting challenge.

Overly Hautz has the know-how and experience plus unique files of successful designs and reference information on standard NEMA and non-standard motor specifications spanning over seven decades of motor development. In addition, Overly Hautz has the manufacturing facilities to produce the precise components and systems in quantity, as required. This website illustrates a typical cross section of our motor mounting components. There are many more. "If you don't see it, ask for it." We are as near as your telephone.

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If it's Motor Mounting…Think Overly Hautz Motor Base Company.