Adjustable Motor Base Styles
Pan Bases for Smaller Motors - Style A & A2
These bases are intended primarily for smaller motors ranging from large fractionals to approximately 20 horsepower. They feature a one-piece formed base plate and the Overly Hautz originated single or double bolt adjustment with push-pull action.

Adjustable Motor Base, Style A and A2 (NEMA Frame Sizes 56-215, Single and Adjusting)
Style A motorbase
Open Frame for Larger Motors - Style B2
These bases are among the most popular fabricated metal styles ever designed by Overly Hautz. Each one features substantial "Z" bar construction, continuously welded into one rigid part. Dual positioning screws allow greater flexibility in shaft alignment.

Adjustable Motor Base, Style B (NEMA Frame Sizes 254-445, Single Adjusting)
Adjustable Motor Base, Style B2 (NEMA Frame Sizes 254-449, Double Adjusting)

Standard bases are recommended for motors up to
150 HP @ 1800RPM on non-severe applications.
See Motor Mount Selection Chart
Style b2 motorbase
Heavy Duty Bases - Style C2HD
Overly Hautz Style C2HD motor bases feature reinforced construction for Heavy Duty applications utilizing motors from smaller sizes to over 200 horsepower. They incorporate special gussets and cross braces together with heavier materials which provide superior strength characteristics necessary to handle motors in the 3000 to 7000 pound weight class.

Heavy Duty Motor Base, Style C2HD (NEMA Frame Sizes 254-449, Double Adjusting)

Heavy Duty Bases or standard rails are recommended
for motors between 150 HP @ 1800 RPM and 250 HP @ 1800 RPM
on non-severe applications.
See Motor Mount Selection Chart
Style C2HD motorbase
Type 2-B - Standard Base
This Overly Hautz special base, initially designed for variable speed power transmission drives, features a movable plate to carry the motor and tapped holes for hold down bolts, which eliminate lifting motor over studs. Designed for NEMA motor frame sizes for 180 to 360, 5 to 75 horsepower.

Standard Bases, Type 2-B
Dodge Style 2B motorbase
  Ideal for gearbox applications!
Type 4-B - Heavy Duty Base
A heavy-duty base, specially designed by Overly Hautz for applications requiring ease of motor adjustment without loosening motor mounting bolts. Widely applied in the 5 to 75 horsepower class, NEMA frame size 180 to 360. 

Heavy Duty Bases, Type 4-B
Dodge Style 4-B motorbase
Stainless Steel Motor Bases
Overly Hautz offers stainless steel motor bases from NEMA sizes 56 up to 449T. Available in-stock in styles A2 and B2.
Autocad Drawings for Style A, A2, and B2 Motorbases
PDF Autocad 2D Autocad 3D PDF Autocad 2D Autocad 3D
56   56 56 254B2 254B2 254B2  
143 143 143 256B2 256B2 256B2  
145 145 145 284B2 284B2 284B2  
182 182 182 286B2 286B2 286B2  
182A2 182A2 182A2 324B2 324B2 324B2  
184 184 184 326B2 326B2 326B2  
184A2 184A2 184A2 364B2 364B2 364B2  
213 213 213 365B2 365B2 365B2  
213A2 213A2 213A2 404B2 404B2 404B2  
215 215 215 405B2 405B2 405B2
215A2 215A2 215A2 444B2 444B2 444B2  
      445B2 445B2 445B2  
      447B2 447B2 447B2  
      449B2 449B2 449B2  

Overly Hautz designs and produces the world's largest line of motor mounting products. Since originating the concept over 75 years ago, in excess of 3 million fabricated motor bases, rails and transition mountings have been manufactured in our plants. They are standards of the industry used by major manufacturers of electric motors for countless application throughout the world.