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Overly Hautz pioneered the concept of fabricated motor bases and rails over 75 years ago. We manufacture and design the world's most complete line of motor mounting products.
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The Automatic Motor Base
• Spring controlled tension eases the burden and significantly extends the life of belts and motor bearings by a factor of 3 to 5 times
• Increases energy efficiency by maintaining optimal belt tension for peak performance
• Quick, easy and less frequent belt adjustments dramatically reduces the time invested in routine maintenance
• Allows for dynamic belt tensioning during operation.

Custom Built Motor Mounts
Engineered and built to satisfy your special application. Draw upon our proven history of more than 75 years for your design solutions. For example: conversion bases, motor/generator sets; motor reducer bases; heavy-duty bases, rails and platforms; sole plates; scoops; and trunnion mounts, pivoting bases.
Welded Rails
Standard Motor Mounts
Adjustable Motor Mounts
Built to accommodate virtually every NEMA motor size from 56 motor frame to sizes larger than 505. Select from over 200 different in-stock motor bases plus a full line of heavy-duty bases, metric bases, stainless steel bases, variable pitch pulley bases and DC bases.
Adjustable Base
Conversion Bases
Comprehensive line of conversion mounts that match the new, smaller rerated motors to older mounts simply, easily and inexpensively. Select from 40 in-stock adapter bases plus custom transition base designs.
Adjustable Motor Rails
Built from 18 inches to 8 feet in length for motors ranging from 10 to over 1000 horsepower. Select from 16 in-stock motor rails plus a full line of heavy-duty rails. 
Motor Rail